What participants are saying about The Third Option

“I know of no other class or program as good as this one. I write this from experience. I have been to many therapists, programs, classes etc… through my high conflict divorce that lasted almost seven years. This is by far, hands down, the most effective, fun, make sense, educational, heartwarming class that I have attended, by far!  I have enjoyed every class and have lots to take away to improve my relationships. I applaud you for your commitment and love you give to this program. I try to tell as many people as I can about it and will continue to do so.
 Again, thank you for having this program and thank you for the love and devotion you give to it.”
– James, La Mirada 

“The Third Option (TTO) has really changed my relationship, and helped me realize that self-change is possible. The tools I learned at TTO helps me in everyday life.”
Jill, Whittier

“I came to this class not knowing what to expect and afraid for the path of my relationship. Everyone at TTO made me feel so welcomed. Now Tuesday nights are some of the best nights of my week and it’s a wonderful feeling to be able to use the tools from the class with my partner to build and grow our relationship. I sincerely hope anyone interested in the class gives it a chance.”
Camron, La Habra

“My husband and I have learned so much at TTO. It has made a difference in our marriage and ourselves. So glad we are here. Thank you TTO.”
Sheri, La Habra

“This class has taught me tools to use in my relationships in general with family and friends. TTO has given me loads of confidence in finding a spouse that is right for me.”
Glenn, Whittier

“TTO has been a great tool for our marriage. I would definitely recommend it for all couples, new or old. We will be going through a second time.”
Michelle, Placentia

“The Third Option is teaching us how to understand each other better. It is helping us by giving us the tools to make our marriage stronger.”
John, Placentia