Rebuilding Trust

We can either be Too Trusting or Too Distrusting (the 2 options for this topic)

Too Trusting:

  • We want things so badly we make unwise choices
  • We might be more gullible
  • We set ourselves up for being hurt—more than needed

Too Distrusting:

  • We need an iron-clad guarantee
  • We don’t give people a chance and put up a wall of protection

When we rebuild trust we picture going up a ladder reaching the top where we want to be, home safe. The top is where we are our truest selves and trust our partner in healthy way. This is true intimacy. In class we go over the ladder, and what it takes to go up. We also recognize we make mistakes and may fall down the latter and work at going back up again.

Since intimacy is our goal, keep in mind there are many areas we connect intimately: socially, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically.